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Intended Uses

Shallow water or whitewater - Inboard jet, or outboard jet.

If running whitewater rivers or gaining access to the shallows of rivers and lakes is your primary use, look at the safety and flexibility of an inboard jet or outboard jet engine. Duckworth offers a variety of boats with a 14° hull designed for shallow water running with jet pumps:

  • Advantage 18' & 19' Inboard jet with V-8 & pump
  • Advantage 18' & 19' Outboard for outboard jet pump
  • Advantage HT (21') Inboard jet with V-8 and jet pump
  • Magnum Inboard jet (21', 22', 23', & 24') with V-8 and jet pump

Jet drives are also great to use in lakes, deeper rivers and coastal waters. No propellers to tangle with ropes or fishing lines, and no lower units to catch the occasional hidden rock or reef. Many people like the added safety of not having a prop set-up when there are kids in the water around the boat.

Lakes, Deep Rivers and Coastal Waters - Outboard props or Mercruiser Stern drives

Many people choose the efficiency and responsiveness of propeller driven boats. Propeller options allow you a choice of hulls:

  • Standard 14° hull (offering great lateral stability)
  • Deep V 18° hull (offering more wave cutting slice and a softer ride)
  • Navigator's 28° entry Deep V hull with variable deadrise and reverse chine

In several Duckworth models you can chose either a transom mounted outboard with an integrated splashwell or the rugged Duckworth Pacific Offshore Bracket that moves the outboard two feet behind a full height transom. The Pacific Offshore Bracket can be arranged for single or dual outboard configurations. Check out the Duckworth model that fits your needs:

  • Advantage 18' Outboard (transom mount with 18° Deep V hull)
  • Advantage 19' Outboard (choice of transom mount or Pacific Offshore Bracket)
  • Advantage Classic (18 & 196) with transom mounted outboard and 18° Deep V hull
  • Pacific Navigator (20, 215, & 235) with Pacific Offshore Bracket and 28° Variable Deadrise hull
  • Navigator Stern Drive (20, 215, & 235) with 18° to 28° Variable Deadrise hull
  • Pacific Magnum (21', 22', 23' & 24') with Pacific Offshore Bracket & 18° hull

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Some photos show models with dealer added options. Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) not always visible in photos.
Models, specifications, features, and options are subject to change without notice as Duckworth seeks product improvements.
Please check with your local full-service Duckworth dealer for the latest information about all of the features and options available for your Duckworth.

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