Apr 7 2015

Team Duckworth Back to Back Wins

It might have been luck. It might have been the boat, a Duckworth 235 Navigator. It could have been the secret spot on the Columbia River which they had to secure at 4AM. Fact is, it was teamwork. The crew of Alex Brauer, Jerry Spiess, Trey Carskadon, Shy Masters and Dave Haukeli have gone from a rag-tag bunch of anglers to a well-oiled machine. Taking their second 1st place finish in as many years at the 2015 NSIA Spring Fishing Classic, and placing on the podium 4 or the last 6 years, it all comes down to hard work on the water. Rods are rigged to precision. Baits are changed religiously every 20 minutes. When a rod goes off everyone knows their tasks; clear the deck, toss the anchor, get the net and stay out of the way (or Jerry will toss you overboard.) Thank you Duckworth for the finest fishing machine on the water!

2015 Team Duckworth

Jun 15 2011

Downtown Salmon

Filming completed in May for a new episode of the Joy of Fishing TV series.

Duckworth Pro 7 Downtown Salmon

Duckworth Pro 7 Downtown Portland2Duckworth Pro 7 Downtown PortlandDuckworth Pro 7 Downtown Portland1

The first episode was filmed on the Willamette River in downtown Portland. Spring Chinook were the target and they cooperated fully. At least 11 fish we’re caught on camera during the day and half of fishing, several with Portland’s skyscrapers in the background.

The Joy of Fishing airs Sunday mornings at 9:30 on Root Sports, formally Fox Sports NW.