Power Options
Intended Uses
Available Jet Pumps
Inboard Engine Options

Available Jet Pumps

  • American Turbine SD-309
  • American Turbine SD-312 with High Thrust Reverse Bucket
  • Marine Power X-Stream MP-901
  • Kodiak 3 Stage
  • Marine Power X-Stream 3 Stage
  • Hamilton 212 with Turbo Impeller

Optional High Thrust Reverse Buckets available for American Turbine SD-309 or Marine Power X-Stream MP-901.

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Some photos show models with dealer added options. Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) not always visible in photos.
Models, specifications, features, and options are subject to change without notice as Duckworth seeks product improvements.
Please check with your local full-service Duckworth dealer for the latest information about all of the features and options available for your Duckworth.

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