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Duckworth Boat Works recommends taking a boating class through the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary or the U.S. Power Squadron. These classes provide the information necessary to boat safely, and compilation of a class can be good for a discount on boat insurance. For information on Auxiliary or Power Squadron classes. call 1-800-368-5647.

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary is a volunteer association of boaters. The Auxiliary promotes safe boating by offering free boating classes, working with the Coast Guard on search and rescue. patrolling races and regattas and upon invitation, conducting safety checks or privately owned boats. Law enforcement authorities are not notified if you fail the safety check.

U.S. Power Squadron

The United States Power Squadron is a nationwide association of boaters dedicated to the promotion safety, good citizenship and good fellowship afloat. Local squadrons offer a free course in Piloting and Small Boat Handling. Included in this course are classes on Equipment and Regulations. Rules of the Road, Seamanship, Safety Afloat, Compass, Aids of Navigation, Charts, and Piloting.


Before you begin a cruse, check the local "weather and sea" conditions. Detailed information can be obtained by telephone or by listing to local radio stations, Coast Guard Radio, or the National Weather Service VHF/FM broadcasts on frequencies of 162.400, 162.425 162.475, and 162.550 MHz in areas where available. Storm warning flags are displayed at selected coastal locations such as Coast Guard stations, marinas, public piers, and yacht clubs. These signals are a prediction of potentially dangerous wind or, in the case of small craft warnings, winds and seas dangerous to small boats. Boaters should know these signals and heed their warnings.


Most fires and explosions happen after fueling. To prevent an accident, follow these rules:

Boat Capacity

The total weight of passengers, supplies, and motor should not exceed the capacity plate limitation(Overloading - fine of up to $350).

It's the operator's responsibility that supplies be carefully loaded and all passengers be properly seated. Remember:

Boat Ramp Etiquette

The following tips are offered to assist you when launching and recovering your boat. To avoid unnecessarily blocking the ramp, conduct as much of the operation in the lot as possible.

LAUNCH (Recovery is basically in reverse order)

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