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Team Duckworth

Team Duckworth Takes First Place and Big Fish

Team Duckworth brought their “A” game to the 2014 Spring Classic salmon tournament taking First Place and Big Fish. The team of Jerry Spiess (Duckworth Dealer Representative,) Alex Brauer and Trey Carskadon, (BDC Advertising,) Sky Masters and Dave Haukeli landed a limit of 5 Spring Chinook aboard the 235 Navigator. 80 teams and over 200 anglers participated. Ironically, the team had no idea the 14.50 lb. biggest fish in their catch would ever take top honors, but it did. The 14-pound Springer is considered average weight but nothing larger was weighed in on the day.

Posted on: 2014-04-07 Posted by: Alex Brauer
Location: Oregon City, OR

first walleye in idaho 25 inches

I've been trying to catch a walleye for 5 years. I like to troll, so I was trolling a perch rapala and as a second thought I put on a small blade dancer perch to catch a smallmouth or crappie or perch. Guess which lure the linker hit! My net was barely big enough. It was my first walleye, I didn't have a scale but it was 25 inches long. I estimate about 7 pounds. It's funny I never caught anything smaller for all the times I've fished for them. I owe it all to my Duckworth boat.

Posted on: 2013-08-29 Posted by: jerry jones
Location: sagle, ID

Big boat = big fish

A 20-pound Rainbow caught by Duckworth Offshore owner Ken O. Nice!

Posted on: 2012-10-23 Posted by: Ken O.
Location: Portland

Fishing With Humpbacks

We were salmon fishing near Ketchikan, Alaska and a pod of humpback whales surrounded our Duckworth boat and began diving under us. I edited the footage into a montage video.
Here is a link to the video:

Posted on: 2012-09-28 Posted by: Bryan r.
Location: Bremerton, WA

Sanjuan Islands

Spent 4 days fishing ling cod in the SanJuan Islands, It was my sons bachlor party, lots of fishing and great weather, it has now become a yearly trip for all of us, these are my two son's and best friend, I truly love my Duck........

Posted on: 2012-03-11 Posted by: Dan Bentley
Location: Snohomish, WA

Limits in Ucluelet, BC!!!

Had a few stellar days like this one off the Coast of Ucluelet, BC! The 28' Offshore handled great in 6-7 ft swells at 8 seconds! Love that Duck!

Posted on: 2012-01-02 Posted by: Keith N
Location: North Bend, WA

Lake Tahoe Rainbows

Lake Tahoe Rainbows are on the bite this time of year. They are feeding in the shallows, mostly on crawdads but will hit minnows also. Tahoe can be tough to fish and the weather can turn on you in an instant. My 215 Navigator is the perfect Tahoe boat, it can handle the rough water with no problems.
With the current economic state, it's comforting to know that Duckworth is still at the top of the industry.

"The best boat I've ever had"

Posted on: 2010-01-22 Posted by: Ron Goolsby
Location: Roseville, CA

Spring Chinook on the Columbia

My good friend Mike Luiz and I went down to Cathlamet, Washington to try and catch a springer. We drove the 2 hours and waited in the 30 minute boat launch line at Cathlamet. The launch is very well maintained and easy in/out. There were about 30 boats in front of us waiting to launch. We got in the water and went over towards the Oregon side and began to troll cut plugs. We went about 50 yards and my pole started banging. I set the hook and reeled in a nice 10 plus pound wild Chinook. With a big tear in my right eye, we released the salmon. I rigged back up and went back to trolling. We trolled for a couple of hours before Mikes pole went stupid. Mike had never been on the Columbia before and had never caught a Spring Chinook. He reeled in a very nice 16 pound Springer that was clipped. High fives were exchanged and now I had to fill my punch card. It took another 45 minutes and I finally was able to land a nice 9 pound clipped Springer for our limit. What a great day to be alive!

Posted on: 2010-06-16 Posted by: Mark Gerry
Location: Lacey, Wa

Baja California Sur summer 2007

We towed our duckworth pacific navigator down to a village near Cabo San Lucas and spent a month there fishing. There was a cold water upwell while we were there and the fishing was pretty tough. We still managed to catch and release several smaller (70lb.) striped marlin and a 400lb blue marlin. I also caught and ate a few nice dorado and some small football sized yellow fin tuna. The dorado in the picture weighed about 50lbs. and took me almost an hour to get in the boat. When I gaffed the fish the handle of my gaff broke, my buddy practically dove over board to grab on to what was left of the handle and I had to pull him back onto the boat by his belt. It was an awesome trip I wish I could share more photos from it. We are saving so we can do another trip like that when our kids are old enough to enjoy it.

Posted on: 2009-10-29 Posted by: Brandon
Location: Florence OR

The falls on the snake river

I have been to the falls on the snake river around 100 times but this time was different, I was with one of my best friends in the world Riley and my oldest son Tavin, I enjoy the places I can go and the family and friends I can take on my Duckworth. Thanks guys. I love my boat and the experiences and memories it has gave to me and my family and friends.
Mike Radford.

Posted on: 2009-07-14 Posted by: mike
Location: idaho falls

Dungeness Crabbing in Puget Sound

It was a Thursday, the 26th of June, 2008 and I invited two of my friends on a crabbing expedition in Puget Sound. One of my friends, Will, had never been crabbing before. The other one Jessie had been crabbing and fishing with me a few times. Will doesn't have a boat and Jessie has an Alumaweld. We always seem to go fishing or crabbing in my Duckworth. Jessie says the Duckworth is more comfortable. We met at Solo Point (a boat launch on Ft. Lewis, Wa) and loaded up everyones gear. We launched my boat and headed for my favorite honey hole by the mouth of the Nisqually River. We loaded up four crab pots with my favorite secret bait and dropped the pots in different depths from 70 feet to 130 feet. It was a beautiful summer day with blue sky and bald eagles in the air. We boated around as I wanted to soaak the pots about an hour. The Sound was glassy smooth and my boat was cruising through the water at 42 mph. We saw seals and sea lions, bald eagles and took in some of the really nice Pacific Northwest Sunshine. We motored around Anderson Island and just had a blast being out in fresh air on the water. We made our way back to my honey hole and the crab pots. I let Jessie drive the boat (mine is more "comfortable" than his) and we found the first pot. The crabs are supposed to be male, 6 1/4' across the back, and not soft. We pulled up the first pot and it was heavy . I finally got it in the boat and it had 11 crabs in it. We were able to keep 7 of the 11 crabs. We were high fiving each other and headed for the second pot. We got four keepers out of that one. We headed for the third pot and we hit out limit of five dungeness crabs each. We had to throw back crabs that were legal. from the third pot. The fourth pot as it turned only had a huge star fish in it. It's amazing how a star fish that is 24 inches across can work its way into a crab pot. We were excited, had fun, got some fresh air and just enjoyed a little bit of heaven that day.

Posted on: 2009-04-03 Posted by: Mark Gerry
Location: Lacey, WA


3 Legal crab limits in 1 pot!! Need we say more!

Posted on: 2009-04-04 Posted by: chris colman
Location: mt.vernon, WA

The Perfect Tahoe Boat

Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. I’m very fortunate to have this lake in my back yard. It can be a tough lake to fish at times and can get very rough without any warning.
My 215 Pacific Navigator is the perfect boat for Tahoe in any condition. It provides enough comfortable fishing room for 4 people and you just feel safe heading 15 miles across the 1600 ft deep lake.
I spend most of my time in the winter, top line trolling for Rainbow, Brown, and Lake Trout (Mackinaw). In the summer time, the Mack’s are laying on the deep shelves so you need a lot of downrigger line to get to them. I’m putting my time in on the water in hopes that a real big Mack comes my way. It will happen soon and there will be more pictures to share.
This summer for the first I will be taking my 215 Navigator to Flaming Gorge for some Kokanee fishing.

Posted on: 2009-04-01 Posted by: Ron Goolsby
Location: Roseville, Ca

Breaking the ice @ Henry's Lake, Id

November 18, 2008. My friend Shane and I decided to go to Henry's Lake to catch some fish and enjoy the lake before winter set in hard. when we got there the lake was frozen with about 3/4'' of ice from the shore to about a half mile out. we watched a couple of outboard boats put in only to see them freeze up thier engines. Shane and I talked about it for a moment and decided to go for it. attached is a video of us breaking the ice @ 35 mph and only a couple of the many fish we caught that day. needless to say we impressed quite a few people that day, including ourselves. p.s. the boat didn't even have a scratch.

Posted on: 2009-03-01 Posted by: Greg Anderson
Location: , Idaho Falls, Id

Snake River Steelhead

Morning September 26 started early, we (Son and I) launch the boat at Hell's River Dam boat ramp just when the morning started to awake, 38 degree, windy, 20,000 water flow. Boat started with no problem just like it always does, waited for my son to park the trailer and I warmed up the engine. We started up river thru Hell's Canyon Rapids to the bottom of the dam, just to check things out and see how the fishing was, nothing was biting, so we headed down rive to Cliff Mountain Rapids, checked them out and continue down river. Pat was fishing along the fast water just below the rapids; I was driving, the boat is the right size for shallow water fishing easy to maneuver in and out of the fast water and staying out of the rocks, pull some nice trout out 16"-18". Moving down river thru Brush Creek Rapids, and Rocky Point Rapids to Wild Sheep Rapids, fishing in and out of the fast waters. At Wild Sheep we pulled up to shore and set up the Weber, Took two of the smaller trout and barbecue them, we had lots of rafter stopping to check the rapids and saying how good the lunch smelled and what a good looking boat we have. After lunch we headed back up river to the boat launch, Keep 5 trout 14-20", lost many due to having to net most of them, lots of bass 12-16", While trying to net one of the big one the net slid off the back of the boat and while unhooking a bass the pliers went with the bass back in the water. Second day about the same time weather the same, this time Pat drove and I fished, we went back to the dam and did some trolling using the kicker with TR1 gold holding our course, No bits. So down river we went, fishing along the way, one area I caught 25" steelhead, We barrow a net from Hell's Canyon Bed and Breakfast so we could get the fish in the boat, were using light gear, I thing you have more fun fishing. After catching some more trout we found a nice sandy beach and had lunch. Did some more fishing back up river to the boat launch, catch for the day , one steelhead, 7 trout 12.5"-18", lots of bass. It's always nice to get out on the river any time of the year, the boat has its own heater, with the top, sides, and back drop, the cabin stays warm, the boat is easy to handle in rough water as well in calm.
Happy Fishing

Posted on: 2008-12-26 Posted by: Renton Feller
Location: Pendleton OR,

Grand Daughter Fishing

We were out in our great boat (duckworth) with our children and our 4 month old grand daughter flipping bass on a local lake. We laid her down on the comfortable seats within our boat and continued to fish. when i looked in our Danica (our grand daughter) she had awakened and was holding onto this fishing pole all on her own. She has since been out many times. She will sleep better on the boat than she does at home. She is Hooked.

Posted on: 2009-01-23 Posted by: Craig Hamilton
Location: Boise, Idaho

Carrying the flag up the canyon

One of our favorite trips in our Silver Wing is to put in at the east end of Lake Mead and head up the Grand Canyon. The first mile is tricky because of the silt. After that it is grand.

Posted on: 2008-12-30 Posted by: Doug Streed
Location: , Grand Canyon

Guided Fishing On Shasta

I got the opportunity to fish with Gary Miralles on Lake Shasta last week. The fishing was sweet. We landed over a dozen nice trout and got into some salmon as well. This was my first time ever being on board a Duckworth and I have to say I was impressed. Gary had this boat so dialed in...downriggers, really cool tackle trays, everything. The ride was pretty impressive too. We'd fish a area for 30 minutes or so then jet across the choppy lake to another. This boat was smooth and very comfortable. Some day when I can afford a boat, I'll be looking at one just like it.

Posted on: 2008-10-15 Posted by: Alex B
Location: Portland, OR

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