b'20 NAVIGATOR20 NAVIGATOR SPORT HTSPORT HTRAISE YOUR STANDARD OF LIVINGBuilt on the same hull as the 20 Pacific Navigator Sport, the structurally integrated hard top covers all your angling and pleasure cruise needs. Its greatest advantage is allowing year-round enjoyment on the water, but the extra storage space, secure hand holds, and functional lighting will be appreciated too. All the comfort and strength youd expect overhead, combined with a wave-slicing 30 bow and wide beam for the ultimate on-the-water performance below the water line.20 NAVIGATOR SPORT HT: SPECIFICATIONSSIZE (L/W/B) DEADRISE MAX CAP HULL SPECFICATIONS228 x 72 x .190 Bow: 30Overall length includes Offshore Bracket TM Forward: 246 persons/990 lbs.Beam: 93.5 Transom: 14FUEL CAP SIDE DRY WEIGHT20 Navigator Sport HT42 gallon diurnal 35 x .1252192 lbs.VIEW COMPLETE MODEL SPECIFICATIONS, VIDEOS, OPTIONS AND ACCESORY PHOTOS AT DUCKWORTHBOATS.COM 9'