b'18 & 20 PACIFIC NAVIGATOR SPORT 18 & 20 PACIFICNAVIGATOR SPORTSTART EXPLORING ALL THOSEWAYPOINTS YOUVE BEEN READING ABOUT.Let your GPS be the guide. The 18 and 20 Pacific Navigator Sports offer a wave-slicing 30 bow and 24 forward deadrise for smooth, stable performance wherever you go. The overall length measurement is taken from the bow to the back of the Offshore Bracket TM . Compare competitive models carefully. The 72 bottom width and 35 sides, in combination with the full-width, full-height transom make this series highly advantageous in head to head evaluations.18 & 20 NAVIGATOR SPORT: SPECIFICATIONSSIZE (L/W/B) DEADRISE MAX CAP HULL SPECFICATIONS18204 x 72 x .190 Bow: 3020228 x 72 x .190 18 - 5 persons/825 lbs.Forward: 24Overall length includes Offshore Bracket TM 20 - 6 persons/990 lbs.Beam: 93.5 Transom: 14 18 Pacific NavigatorFUEL CAP SIDE DRY WEIGHT42 gallon diurnal 35 x .1251730 lbs.1925 lbs. 20 Pacific Navigator8 VIEW COMPLETE MODEL SPECIFICATIONS, VIDEOS, OPTIONS AND ACCESORY PHOTOS AT DUCKWORTHBOATS.COM'