b'18 & 20 ADVANTAGE SPORT 4 20 ADVANTAGE XT. 6 18 & 20 PACIFIC NAVIGATOR SPORT 8Designed with a 25 transom for secure outboard mounting. The quality isExperience increased interior space and a full width swim platform thanksPerformance and value as prized as any catch come standard. Featuring pure Duckworth. No other boat compares to the performance, structuralto the extended bottom and Pacific Offshore BracketTM. This feature setsan extended bottom beneath the Pacific Offshore BracketTM. The ride in the integrity or attention to detail youll find in the Advantage Sport. Matchthe outboard motor further back on the vessel, eliminating the need for aPacific Navigator Sport is smooth as silk. The power to weight ratio is balanced the length perfectly to the number of friends and family youd like to havesplashwell. A full width bench seat across the transom delivers comfortableperfectly. Jumps up on plane quickly and cruises level and effortlessly. on board. The Advantage also fits easily into most garages.seating and doubles as additional storage. Customize with the options you desire. 20 NAVIGATOR SPORT HT. 922 & 24 PACIFIC NAVIGATOR. 10 22 & 24 PACIFIC PRO 12By popular demand, weve added the security, comfort and strength of aThe successful launch of the largest and most exciting Navigator models willRedesigned hard top improves storage and functionality. Capable of handling Duckworth hard top to the top-performing 20 Navigator model. Imagineenhance your on-the-water experience in a really big way. Placed head-to- inshore and offshore waters alike. The no-nonsense hull design features a being completely warm and dry even on the coldest, wettest days. Youhead against all other models in their class, including similar-sized fiberglassdeep-entry vee, an upswept bow that tackles bigger waves while minimizing know the fish dont allow the weather to affect their appetite. Dont letboats, the new Pacific Navigators will always get the nod of approval. Thissplash, and an optional fully enclosed Alaskan bulkhead cabin with full hardtop.the weather keep you at home when the fish are waiting. Navigator is driven to bring you to the shores you dream about. 24, 26 & 28 OFFSHORE. 14 30 OFFSHORE XL. 16 ULTRA MAGNUM The pinnacle of performance has been achieved with the Duckworth OffshoreWide open excitement. In fact, the 30 XL features an expansive 9 6INBOARD JET 22 & 24 18Series. It continues to win over even more die-hard tuna, halibut, salmon andbeam the widest available in the Duckworth fleet.The sophisticationThe ultimate inboard jet. From the Snake to the Feather to the Yukon River bottom fish anglers. When you compare the long-term utility and extremeand functionality are signatures of this innovative, offshore anglingand beyond, the Magnums legendary style and performance rules the rapids. seaworthiness, the Offshore has no comparison. More options and cabinmachine. The spacious helm accommodates state-of-the-art electronicsFeaturing a wide 7 bottom, this inboard jets acceleration and ability to plane flexibility allow customizations that are one of a kind. Fill the fish box if you can. and efficiency.Out back, its all about epic battles and room to store theat lower speeds has enthusiasts on adrenaline overload. This is the model that bounty.began the Duckworth legacy 50 years ago.'