b'22 & 24 PACIFIC NAVIGATOR22 & 24 PACIFIC NAVIGATORHOW DO THEY COMPARE? GRAB A REALLY LONG TAPE MEASURE.Redesigned with more length, width and stability than other boats claiming to be the best. The 22 and 24 Pacific Navigators reflect Duckworths commitment to style, comfort and supreme engineering. With a true overall length of 24 9 and 26 9 respectively, 84 wide bottom, 102 wide beam and 36.5 tall sides, there simply isnt a competitors model thats competitive. (Only the Duckworth Offshore series can legitimately offer more.) The reverse chine bottom lifts beautifully so fuel economy is as good as it gets. The Offshore BracketTM optimizes interior space in an advantageous way that delivers the utmost in seaworthiness. All in all, this is the hull that keeps your sportfishing enjoyable even when the water conditions start getting a little sporty.10'