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Duckworth Boats - For every dream, there is a Duckworth.
Duckworth Boats - Maybe the road to happiness, isn't a road after all.
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Take the Long Way Home

The iconic emblem that adorns the stern of every Duckworth is a treasured designation. It’s far more than a name or plaque. It’s the realization of a dream and the unrelenting pursuit towards achieving it. You’ve worked hard. You’ve earned your metal. Join the family of Duckworth owners and proudly display your accomplishment.

Duckworth Owners Aren’t the Type to Keep Their Opinions to Themselves.

Light weight, durable, beautiful! This boat turns heads at the boat launch.

Pam & Chuck
Spokane Valley, WA
Navigator 19.5

We all see the ads on economy of use and if you have been around boats its all hard to belive well not with these boats . A average day for us a family of four with everything we think we might need stuffed in the boat is twenty plus miles on the 90 Yamaha, six plus hours on the 8hp kicker we have yet to use over 9 gallons of gas on any one day.

Modesto, CA
Navigator Sport 17.5

The 20' Silverwing with a pacific bracket and Honda outboard is safe, stable and dependable. It provides a comfortable ride in the wide range of Lynn Canal water conditions. The Pacific bracket adds utility and enhances the fishing deck area immensely. The quality construction and features previously described causes me to feel flexible and safe under all the conditions encountered. Love this boat !

Haines, AK
Silverwing 20

Built Alaska tough.

Palmer, AK
Magnum 24

Getting to the fishing areas that I and my family want to be. I can fish just about any waters I want with this boat!

Gresham, OR
Pro III 18